How can remote work work best for you?

VA's and Remote Workers have the best opportunity in the history of the world to advance their careers and businesses. And they need and deserve to have training and coaching support to continue improving over time.

About Coach Donna Marie

Coach Donna Marie Johnson | Instagram: @LeadLikeAQueen

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Donna Marie Johnson is the founder of Lead Like A Queen (TM) where we inspire, enlighten, and empower small/micro/solo business leaders (i.e., VA’s, remote workers, authors or speakers) recovering from trauma so they can grow personally and professionally and move forward in both life and business.

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I’m Donna Marie Johnson. I support black women leaders by creating supportive community and providing life coaching and leadership consulting services.

I am a Spiritual Leadership Coach for high achieving black women leaders who are recovering from crises and traumas.

I am the Podcast Host for “Plant Your Seeds of Transformation” on YouTube and on Apple Podcasts and the creator of our co-working community.

I am also the Author of “Small Biz Big Impact But How?: How Conscious Selfless Servants Impact the World”

Location 60 Postal Pkwy #72266 Newnan, GA 30271 Phone +1(678)861-8121 E-mail Hours Because I am a trauma survivor, I understand why high-achieving leaders need coaching after going through a trauma or unexpected transition so they can keep moving forward towards their goals. Reach out and ask for help or access informative, inspirational resources through the blog.
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