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Small Biz Big Impact, But How? by Donna Marie Johnson - 2nd Ed. in Paperback

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I am hosting a meeting for small business leaders tonight at Fayette County Public Library. I hope to see you there, if you’re available (and tell your friends, too). 
Tuesday 6/4/2019 @ 7pm
Please register for free at this link:

~ Donna Marie Johnson @leadlikeaqueen

About This Meeting

The Fayette County Public Library has been gracious to co-sponsor this event in support of small business leaders.

We will discuss:

  • Some of the problems small business leaders face trying to focus and get things done in the face of multiple roles and tasks that must be addressed daily and weekly to keep the business running well
  • How to assess yourself in the area of focusing as a small business leader
  • How to strengthen your strong areas and address your weaker areas
  • Interview with experienced small business leaders to hear their perspectives
  • Brief question and answer session at the end

To See the Full Event Listing and Details on EventBrite – Click Here

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