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Small Biz Big Impact but How?

How Conscious Selfless Servants Impact the World

One of the most important things for an experienced VA (virtual assistant) to know is that her work is making a difference for the client she is serving, and as a result, is having an impact on the world through her client’s endeavors. An experienced VA does not do this service-based work just so that she can bring home a check. Even though the money is important to her, it has its place, but it is not her top priority. I wrote my book “Small Biz Big Impact But How?” to speak to the needs of small/micro business leaders like you who want to serve well while also building a profitable business. The book explores a specific case study of a business owner that literally started small and now has a nationally-known brand.

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There are some fundamental principles that a small business leader must understand and intentionally use in her own life and business if she wants to consciously and selflessly impact the world. If you visit the Amazon link shared above (in the book image caption), you can preview the book for free. And if you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can get a complimentary copy of this Kindle ebook with your subscription.

How Can I Get A Free Copy If I Don’t Use Amazon Kindle?

Alternatively, if you would like a complimentary pdf download emailed to your inbox, go to and request your copy. This is not an instant download, you will need to look out for my email and answer my questions, and in return, I will email the pdf download link to you. Gathering this information is important because it helps me with continuing my research so I can improve for the future.

Do I Have to Leave a Review? No.

No, I am not asking for reviews on Amazon, but if you choose to leave an honest review with your honest feedback, it will help me to know which parts of the book help most and which parts I need to continue improving.


About Selfless Service “Overtime, your small business can build a platform based on selfless service, but all of this starts with you, the head leader in the business, developing a heart with a selfless service focus.”

~ Donna Marie Johnson, Author of “Small Biz Big Impact But How?”
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