Mentorship for Black Women Remote Workers

If you would like to become a mentor or to be mentored by a mentor, let me know by registering in the contact form below. I or someone from my team will be in touch regarding upcoming events and information about this program. Also, read the FAQ’s below, and submit any questions you have about the program when you register. We will keep growing the FAQ list with answers to your questions.

Use the form beflow to send your request. In your message, state if you want to be: 1. Become a mentor 2. Be mentored (become a mentee)



What is a remote worker?

This could be a woman who has been working as a contractor (self-employed, 1099 worker) or who has a small business such as a virtual assistant or marketing freelancer.

What is a mentor versus a mentee? Who does what and how?

According to Ambition in Motion, horizontal mentorship is where both the mentor and the mentee give and receive wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement reciprocally. It’s more like a friendship and less like an autocratic relationship than some of the older more traditional mentorship styles based in toxic power dynamics.

What is a resource where I can learn more about what mentorship can look like for women of color?

Diversity in Best Practices has provided a recording of their webinar “Candid Advice on Mentoring Women of Color“. They give excellent advice that aligns with some of the things that I know as a professional coach. I highly recommend

How can mentors be matched with mentees?

We use assessments to support each mentor and mentee with understanding themselves better and with informing how we match them to one another. Check out the CloverLeaf app and sign up for free to try out an assessment for yourself. For mentors/mentees in our program, we ask that you complete the “16 types” assessment in the app.

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Location 60 Postal Pkwy #72266 Newnan, GA 30271 Phone +1(678)861-8121 E-mail Hours I provide an empath-centered online coaching program for black women leaders who are marketing VAs ready to reshape their business from being emotionally draining to nourishing, meaningful and profitable without sacrificing their faith, fitness or family. If that describes you, reach out to let me know you’re interested and to request an appointment on the "Contact" page.
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