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It’s Back! Thursday Co-Working

Excited to announce that I am BACK from my summer hiatus! I am hosting co-working weekly for 12 weeks starting Thursday 9/1/22. Read the full article to learn more and join us if you’d like to be part of this highly supportive community


click button to join and access co-working link (starting as low as $3 per month)

What to Expect after Joining?

  • Access to 12-week Fall Co-working via Zoom Audio/Video Chat
    • **Zoom Link provided to patrons at all tier support levels**
  • Vibrant Supportive Community of Black Women Leaders
  • Early access to Some Podcast Episodes
  • Exclusive Live Interactive Events
  • Weekly Co-Working Coaching Action and Progress Journal (for higher tier levels)


I am so excited to announce that I am BACK from my summer hiatus! I am hosting co-working weekly for 12 weeks starting…

WHEN? Starts Thursday 9-1-22 at 7pm EST, Weekly for 12 Weeks

(See this time in your own time zone: click here)

WHERE? Private, Secure, Moderated Live Event

(via Zoom on any device or by phone/dial-in)

Learn More About How To Join and Support Our Community at

[If you haven’t yet heard about our co-working community, check out the episode from The Plant Your Seeds of Transformation Podcast where I talked about it in more detail.]


This co-working group is in partnership with Wanda Duncan of Black Women Trvl.

Thank you again to Jessica for hosting co-working almost daily for the Vaycarians, including on Thursday’s (my usual day to host) during my summer hiatus. If you’re not yet part of that awesome Vaycarious community, join Stephanie Perry’s Patreon so you can gain access to her discord.

(See their community links below.)

Thanks again to Wanda, Jessica, and Stephanie for seeing the value of co-working and supporting me in my endeavors to partner with Jessica in creating a thriving co-working community that helps us all get more results as we focus and get important stuff done within a 2-hour time frame.

Regarding Mentorship and Coaching


This co-working group is a form of mentorship, and being part of this community is highly empowering. We learn a ton from each other every time, during our breaks in between each working Pomodoro. We also support each other and encourage each other, during our weekly sessions and beyond the session. That is mentorship.


Coaching is a higher-value service that is much more systematic and intentional. So, as an added perk for higher tier patrons, you will be able to access the co-working journal to use for writing down your intentions and tracking your progress as you take action on them during each weekly co-working session. This is a form of coaching that is done via guided journaling.


Other modes of mentorship or coaching beyond the co-working may be added in the future, as the community grows, but for now, this is plenty. This co-working is enough to provide you with an empowering mentorship community, and if you’re investing in yourself to receive coaching, you will have access to the journal and to other live coaching opportunities that go beyond the Thursday session.


  • Coach Donna Marie’s Patreon – click to join here
  • Wanda Duncan’s Patreon – click to join here
  • Stephanie Perry’s Patreon – click to join here
    • (Jessica’s co-working schedule is contained within Stephanie’s Vaycarious community on other days and at other times besides Thursday nights.)

By Coach Donna Marie

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