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Donna Marie Johnson

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Small Biz Big Impact, But How? by Donna Marie Johnson - 2nd Ed. in Paperback

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If you didn’t notice, I don’t write much on this WordPress-based blog anymore. This is because I’ve fallen in love with the blogging community and platform at Medium. I am not trying to maintain multiple blogs anymore. So, if you’d like to join me over there, and if you’d like to receive my newsletter there, please click here to read my latest and subscribe to my newsletter.

There are many blogging communities, however, I believe the reason why Medium has gained such a following is because they listen to their writers and keep making it a better experience for us. They make it easy to publish a newsletter. They empower us to monetize our content. And they include a robust social networking foundation with tagging of others and linking back to other content. You can also include audio and video. And for me, the clincher for using the paid version of Medium is the ability to listen to every article as I read via the Medium app or in my browser. I don’t know why, but as I’ve matured, I read much more effectively when I listen while I read… that’s a major key for helping me get through graduate school with honors.

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I hope to connect with you over there, too.

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