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Daily writing prompt
What do you do to be involved in the community?

I am so grateful that I’ve been able to plug in with like-minded communities via online tools like zoom, Discord, Patreon, Facebook groups, YouTube live chats, and more.

Community is precious, especially as you recover from trauma or crisis.

~ Coach Donna Marie

One of the main groups that I’m consistently plugging in with uses our membership dues to support a black woman creator with a sabbatical grant. This group was founded by Stephanie Perry of Vaycarious. She already sent over $20,000 to the first grant recipient in 2022, along with smaller grants as scholarships for short retreats for creative black women who needed time to rest and refresh their creative juices.

The way this group supports me is via daily/weekly co-working events in a private zoom video chat format. I helped to co-found these events which are sponsored by Stephanie Perry’s Vaycarious group and are led by the wonderful Dr. Jessica. I am grateful that I was able to teach them a system that helps us all get our work done more effectively, and we even now have incorporated exercise within this framework, too. I talked about it in a prior podcast episode, << click that link, if you’d like to listen or watch the show to learn more.

What about you, how do you plug in with community and how does it help you?

~ Coach Donna Marie Johnson

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