How can remote work work best for you?

Marketing Virtual Assistant (VA) Professionals have the best opportunity in the history of the world to advance their careers and businesses. And they need and deserve to have training and coaching support to continue improving over time.

Marketing Virtual Assistant Career Coaching

How could building a Virtual Assistant (VA) career transform your work-from-home or remote work life?

Hierarchy of Needs for Marketing Virtual Assistant Professionals

A Professional, Experienced Marketing Virtual Assistant can help you learn how to start or improve your own professional VA career. In addition to learning how to do the work (e.g., creating sales landing pages, doing marketing research, managing digital marketing, or setting up appointment calendars), you also need to know how to handle conflict, how to manage multiple VA projects, and how to keep developing yourself personally, and transforming your career over time. This is where a Marketing VA career coach can support you as you keep moving forward.

I am Donna Marie Johnson, aka @leadlikeaqueen.

I have been providing Administrative and Virtual Assistance (VA) Support to Small Business Leaders for over 25 years, especially in the areas of marketing system implementation. As I complete my Masters of Arts in Executive Leadership, I am transforming my marketing business so that I am using my strength as a coach and teacher to provide value to my clients.

My clients are VA’s who want to start or improve their VA career either freelance (contract/project), part-time, or full-time.

No matter who you choose to support your journey as a professional VA, I encourage you to seek help from someone you trust so that you can be free to continue doing the most important things in your business that you do very very well. I would be delighted if we got to know one another and to like one another. To see my upcoming appointment schedule, visit my one page profile at


Here is what someone awesome has said about me:

Donna Marie Johnson
Donna Marie Johnson @leadlikeaqueen

Why do you insist on doing it all on your own all of the time?

I get it… I get many of the reasons why small business leaders try to do it all on their own, instead of adding a Virtual Administrative Assistant as part of their team. Read my article where I talk about my own experience in this area.

How much time have you been wasting trying to learn marketing and to do all of the marketing things on your own? When will you stop sacrificing your health and your relationships to be perfect or to prove yourself? Read More.

Some ways I have helped clients:

  • Provided coaching and training on marketing strategy development
  • Provided tactical marketing training including:
    • social media marketing
    • marketing research
    • editing and publishing ebooks, workbooks, and other documents
    • website creation
    • online group/community creation
  • And more…


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Video – Hierarchy of Needs for Marketing VA Professionals
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