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Donna Marie Johnson

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Testimonial from Lucinda Cross-Otiti

testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti

Marketing Virtual Assistance

Are you looking for a Professional, Experienced Virtual Assistant to help with creating and updating sales landing page, doing your marketing research, getting your digital marketing system implemented, or setting up your online appointment calendar system?

I am Donna Marie Johnson, aka @leadlikeaqueen. I have been providing Administrative and Virtual Assistance (VA) Support to Small Business Leaders for over 30 years, especially in the areas of marketing system implementation. UPDATE: Now I am also training VA interns who can serve you.

No matter who you choose to support you, I encourage you to seek help from someone you trust so that you can be free to do the most important things in your business that you do very very well. I would be delighted if we got to know one another and like one another.

If you’d like to chat with me to get to know me, click here.


Here is what someone awesome has said about me:

Ready for a VA? Click Here to enroll as a new client and get some tasks taken off of your hands by a trained, experienced professional.

Donna Marie Johnson, @leadlikeaqueen
Donna Marie Johnson
Donna Marie Johnson @leadlikeaqueen

Why do you insist on doing it all on your own all of the time?

I get it… I get many of the reasons why small business leaders try to do it all on their own, instead of adding a Virtual Administrative Assistant as part of their team. Read my article where I talk about my own experience in this area.

How much time have you been wasting trying to learn marketing and to do all of the marketing things on your own? When will you stop sacrificing your health and your relationships to be perfect or to prove yourself? Read More.

Some ways I have helped previous clients:

  • Created and implemented social media marketing system
  • Created and implemented marketing research system
  • Edited and published ebook via Kindle, digital and printed workbooks for workshops, and other documents
  • Created and edited WordPress website
  • Leadership coaching to help make marketing efforts more effective
  • Created and moderated Facebook group
  • And more…


~ Get Acquainted Call~

* Have a brief chat with me for free.

Click Here to Schedule.

~ New Client Package ~

* Includes your onboarding consultation and up to 4 hours of basic tasks.

$77 – New Client Consult

~ Existing Client Hourly Tasks ~

* After enrolling as a new client, order tasks as needed and based on skill level needed.

$10 to 27 / hr – Basic to Moderate Skill Level Tasks


  • Fall 2021 – up to 20 hours per week (in school now)
  • Spring 2022 – up to 30-35 hours per week
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