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Donna Marie Johnson

Book #SmallBizBigImpact

Small Biz Big Impact, But How? by Donna Marie Johnson - 2nd Ed. in Paperback

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About Coach Donna Marie

Coach Donna Marie Johnson | Instagram: @LeadLikeAQueen

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Donna Marie Johnson is the founder of Lead Like A Queen (TM) where we inspire, enlighten, and empower small/micro/solo business leaders (i.e., VA’s, remote workers, authors or speakers) recovering from trauma so they can grow personally and professionally and move forward in both life and business.

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I’m Donna Marie Johnson. I support black women leaders by creating supportive community and providing life coaching and leadership consulting services.

I am a Spiritual Leadership Coach for high achieving black women leaders who are recovering from crises and traumas.

I am the Podcast Host for “Plant Your Seeds of Transformation” on YouTube and on Apple Podcasts and the co-creator of our co-working community.

I am also the Author of “Small Biz Big Impact But How?: How Conscious Selfless Servants Impact the World”

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