Thank you for your interest in our company, GGene S.I.S., LLC. We are expanding and expecting to fill the following positions.

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  • HRA, vacant, Human Resources Advisor
  • MCA, vacant, Marketing Communications Advisor
  • LIA, vacant, Legal & Insurance Advisor
  • ABA, vacant, Accounting & BookKeeping Advisor
  • TA, vacant, Technology Advisor
  • BDRMA, vacant, Business Development & Risk Management Advisor
  • ITCA, vacant, Information Technology & Cybersecurity Advisor


  • HR1, vacant, Human Resources Assistant
  • HR2, vacant, Human Resources Assistant
  • M1, vacant, Marketing Assistant
  • M2, vacant, Marketing Assistant


Virtual Assistant Interns [REMOTE]

  • HRVA, vacant, Human Resources
  • MCVA, vacant, Marketing Communications
  • MRVA, vacant, Market Research
  • ITVA, vacant, Information Technology
  • PLVA, vacant, Paralegal
  • BVA, vacant, BookKeeping

Personal Assistant Interns

  • RCA1, vacant, Respite Caregiver
  • RCA2, vacant, Respite Caregiver
  • PA1, vacant, Personal Assistant
  • PA2, vacant, Personal Assistant

How to Apply?

Request Interview Appointment

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