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Donna Marie Johnson

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The Podcast for the Lead Like A Queen community is “Plant Your Seeds of Transformation“, a personal growth and professional development podcast to support authors and speakers. I would love to keep you updated about it.

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The Podcast for Lead Like A Queen is “Plant Your Seeds of Transformation”, a personal growth and professional development podcast available via video or audio.

“When you Lead Like a Queen as a ‘small’ business leader, you take responsibility for your own transformation so you can have more positive impact on the world.”

~ Donna Marie Johnson, @leadlikeaqueen

Intentional growth and transformation are like cultivating a garden. “Small” means entrepreneurs who have no team or very small teams, sometimes also called solopreneurs or micro small business owners. However, “small” is a misnomer, or a false name, because despite size, you can still have big impact on the world when you are “just” an author or speaker, as long as you keep cultivating yourself. Listen and learn how you can plant your seeds of transformation.

Small is a misnomer because your small business can impact the world. If you are ‘just’ an author or speaker, you are still a small business leader who needs to keep growing as a person and transforming as a leader.

~ Donna Marie Johnson, @leadlikeaqueen

The Lead Like A Queen Patreon Page Provides Archive Access to Podcast Fans, and Provides A Way for Fans to Support the Podcast

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