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Donna Marie Johnson

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Testimonial from Lucinda Cross-Otiti

testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti

Consulting Services

Donna Marie Johnson, Impact Strategy Consultant

I support solo/micro/small business leaders.

Impact Consulting Services Support Authors and Speakers with Strategizing and Implementing. Help That Empowers You to Focus On Your Ideal Audience More.

If you hire me to support you, you will have access to two types of support to either help you learn more or to help you get things done (or a combination of both).

TRAINING & Mentorship – Learn How to Manage Your Speaking and Writing Business

  • Read My Impact Mentor Blog
  • Join the “Show Me” Membership Community for Do-It-Yourself Marketing Task Training

GET-IT-DONE SUPPORT – Save Time and Get Support With Getting Details Done While You Focus on Serving Your Audience

  • Micro-Services for Smaller Tasks
  • Intensive Impact Strategy Consulting with Customized Task Management for Larger Tasks

I would love to chat with you briefly and get to know you and your goals so that I can recommend which service/s would be the best fit.

Want to Get Acquainted?

During call, You can expect:

  • Briefly share your goals and the help you want.
  • Learn more about me and how I would help you.

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