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The live support group event is closed indefinitely. However, the podcast (some with interviews) is now available via the main podcast at


  • 2nd Thursdays at 8:30pm EST OnZoom

I am Donna Marie Johnson, the founder of a free, private, moderated virtual support group “From Bride to Spousal Caregiver” podcast. I chose to become a spousal caregiver to my husband when his health declined. He was in his 30’s when this first started. This has had a traumatic impact on our marriage. I love to support other wives who have also chosen to become spousal caregivers. If that’s you, too, join this group listen to the show so we can support, encourage and inform one another.

Please check out the Well Spouse Association. They have support groups for spousal caregivers, including a new group just for younger caregivers.

Founder – Donna Marie Johnson

Donna Marie and Henry Johnson
Donna and Henry

Location 60 Postal Pkwy #72266 Newnan, GA 30271 Phone +1(678)861-8121 E-mail Hours Because I am a trauma survivor, I understand why high-achieving leaders need coaching after going through a trauma or unexpected transition so they can keep moving forward towards their goals. Reach out and ask for help or access informative, inspirational resources through the blog.
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