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Donna Marie Johnson

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Small Biz Big Impact, But How? by Donna Marie Johnson - 2nd Ed. in Paperback

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Donna Marie Johnson

Learn What Other People Say About Donna via LinkedIn Recommendations.

Lucinda Cross-Otiti’s Testimonial About Donna

Working with Donna in executing my tour was a great experience she opened up additional levels of exposure and has put strategies in place for more visibility for y mission and my brand. Her patience and persistence supported me in creating a strategic process and strategy that can be duplicated throughout the rest of my scheduled tour dates in other cities.

I highly recommend Donna as a consultant and trusted advisor for executing your projects and expanding your brand visibility.

Lucinda Cross-Otiti, Author / Speaker / Coach, CEO of Activate Worldwide. and founder of Activate Your Life 501c3
testimonial about donna by lucinda cross-otiti
Testimonial about Donna Marie Johnson by Lucinda Cross-Otiti

Linda Kirkpatrick’s Testimonial About Donna

“Donna is very personable and understanding. She pays attention to detail to the point of perfection. She is an independent worker and will see any project she undertakes to the completion. I consider it an honor to recommend her as a collegue.”, Linda Kirkpatrick, Nonprofit Leader, Family Patters Matter

Sylvia Browder’s Testimonial About Donna

“AMAZING! EMPOWERING! DYNAMIC! … Are just a few words that come to mind when describing Donna. I truly admire the passion that she bestows in empowering and educating women both spiritually and as a business professional. She is the epitome of strength and determination. I am blessed to be associated with her.” ~ Sylvia Browder, CEO at Specialty Home Services LLC

Candie A. Price’s Testimonial About Donna

“I have had the pleasure of being associated with Donna while I was Editor-in-Chief of WOW! Magazine. Donna placed advertisements in WOW! and was always a conscientious and amenable client. She valued our deadlines and specifications and always responded in a timely and professional manner. I hope I get to work with Donna again in the near future.” ~ Candie A. Price, MACE, MPR

Demetria Zinga’s Testimonial About Donna

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Donna Marie Johnson over the past several years on several projects. Donna has offered her expertise and contributed to my education blog and podcast for business women. She is knowledgeable, patient, and thorough, and her expertise shines through every time! Donna was fun to interview and offered my audience valuable insights that prove beneficial in their business endeavors.” ~ Demetria Zinga, Web Designer, Content Marketing Strategist, Teacher

Nahnhy Hyong’s Testimonial About Donna

“Donna’s work ethic and integrity has always been stupendous. When given a choice, she will consistently pick the ‘right’ thing, and not the “easy” thing. Her work can be counted on to be high quality and thoughtfully prepared.” ~ Nahnhy Hyong, Head of ABX Learning & Talent Development at Aetna, a CVS Health Company

Vivian J. Beverly’s Testimonial About Donna

“I really enjoyed working with Donna because she is a very talented individual who operates in excellence in every thing she does. She is very detailed oriented and strives to ensure procedures are followed in a timely manner. Donna would be an excellent member of any department.”, Vivian J. Beverly, AVP; Sr. Portfolio Manager / Agile Certified Scrum Master

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