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Use this page to purchase services for marketing virtual assistance.


Marketing VA – New Client Fee

Pay for your onboarding session to get support with up to 4 hours of basic marketing tasks so you can focus on other important business tasks. The call will be up to 90 minutes, based on your needs. It is a consultation session that will enable you to outline the support services you specifically need for your business. With this first session, you get up to four hours of basic tasks included. For additional tasks in the future, you can order those as needed using the other task payment buttons on this page. After your new client session, you will receive login information for your VA account so that you can access your deliverables.



4 Basic Tasks

This is the rate per hour for 4 basic tasks that take 15 minutes or less each. Examples: *update an existing social media profile *update an existing web page *update an existing scheduling calendar page *update an existing event or registration page


Advanced Tasks Package

For advanced tasks, you should have already discussed these during your onboarding session and received an estimate of how many hours you need. Examples of Advanced Tasks: *creating a WordPress website home page *creating a social media marketing campaign *creating a market research project *creating an opt-in page for an existing product or service *creating a detailed show page for a podcast episode *creating an event or registration page


Complex Tasks or Strategic Project

For more complex projects with multiple tasks or steps needed, or with strategic marketing skills needed, expect to pay $77 per hour. The types of projects* you may need support with could include: *publishing and editing a book via Amazon Kindle plus marketing strategy *creating, monitoring, and updating a website plus marketing strategy *producing and editing a presentation, a video, or an audio file plus marketing strategy *marketing and producing a virtual event plus marketing strategy {*Note: For very high level projects that would require other experts, such as a software engineer or a ghost writer, do not use this button to order those types of customized services. Instead, contact me to arrange a custom project consultation session to discuss your needs in detail and plan your customized project.}



Custom Project Set-Up

For custom projects that require higher levels of expertise, such as a software engineer to create an app, or a ghostwriter to assist you with writing your book, a non-refundable deposit is required. Your initial consultation will be a meeting with me and my team* to discuss your needs and plan your project in detail. {*Note: The deposit will be used to set up the project management system and to secure excellent team members who are appropriate to meet the needs of your project.}


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